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Kidney Cancer

Over 60,000 men and women are diagnosed with kidney cancer each year. Most of these patients can be successfully managed surgically. Kidney cancer is more common in men than women. Most kidney tumors are found by accident. Often a patient will have some kind of a scan that reveals a tumor in the kidney that is unrelated to the symptom(s) that led to the scan. Typically, tumors identified in this way are confined to the kidney and are therefore curable. Curative treatment of kidney cancer is surgically based, with chemotherapy and radiation therapy being reserved for patients with advanced disease. We offer a full spectrum of surgically based treatment(s) for kidney cancer.

Your kidneys are deep inside your body and well protected and padded by your spine, back bone, rib cage, and abdominal muscles. Anatomically, this was helpful when our ancestors were being slapped around by dinosaurs. Many years ago, if you lost your kidneys you died, having two kidneys gives you a spare. Today patients can live full productive lives with only one kidney. To help you learn more about kidney cancer, we recommend the following links: