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Our specialty is treatment of urologic cancers. However, we care for a wide range of urology conditions encountered by both men and women.

We get excited talking about Urology and, frankly, this is a cool medical specialty. Urologists are innovators and early adopters. We get to play with really impressive equipment that greatly facilitates patient care.

For example, we have very small scopes that allow us to use very small instruments to treat kidney stones or diagnose and treat cancers of the upper urinary tract. With larger scopes we can offer amazing treatment of a man’s enlarged prostate or treatment of bladder tumors.

For example we utilize a surgical robot in the treatment of kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and other benign and malignant conditions of the genitourinary system. Robotic technology is absolutely amazing and is, to a certain extent, transforming our field.

On the other hand, surgical reconstruction of the lower urinary tract, for example when the bladder has to be removed, is tremendously complex, drawing on techniques learned from several different surgical fields. The treatment of large tumors is technically and physically demanding, and, when successful, highly effective in preserving life.

The breadth of armamentarium (equipment, methods and techniques) at our disposal to cure urologic disease is simply astounding. We invite you to make an appointment because there is a high probability we can help you.

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Urologic Cancers

First and foremost, I’m a urologic cancer surgeon. My passion is caring for men and women with cancers involving the genitourinary system. Common cancers include those involving the kidney, prostate, bladder, and testicles.

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